How Acupuncture Works For Pain

painAcupuncture has been shown in many studies to be an excellent therapy for relieving many types of pain. If performed by a properly trained and licensed acupuncturist, it is very safe and effective. Acupuncture works by helping to release endorphins, bringing circulation to the area, and regulating nerve signals to and from the central nervous system. If the body is stuck in a pain pattern loop, acupuncture can help to scramble and re-set the signals, breaking the pattern, and stopping the pain.

If you have a new injury, it is best to get in for an acupuncture treatment as soon as you can. Acupuncture can decrease inflammation, bruising, and healing time. It can get you back on your feet much sooner.

The types and locations of pain that can be treated by acupuncture include: the back, shoulder, sciatica, tennis or golfer’s elbow, the knee, ankle, wrist, plantar fasciitis, the hip, neck, whiplash, migraines, headaches, shin splints, muscle aches, a pulled muscle, post surgical pain, the abdomen, chest, menstrual pain, achilles tendonitis, fibromyalgia, and pain and swelling from injuries. To see a full list of what acupuncture can treat see our Conditions Treated page.

The number of treatments required depends on how long the pain has been going on and how your body responds to acupuncture. As an acupuncturist, I look for and want a change in the pain with each acupuncture treatment. A change indicates your body is responding to the acupuncture. A change can include: reducing in intensity, moving around, or changing from sharp to a dull ache. In some cases pain can increase after the first 1 or 2 treatments and then decreases as treatment continues. If it increases with the first treatment this is not a bad sign, it means your body is responding to the acupuncture and with further treatment, it will usually decrease significantly as treatment is continued.

Most clients get significant reduction in pain within 5-6 acupuncture treatments. This result is improved if you can come and get acupuncture 2-3 times within the first week or two of starting treatment. After the first two weeks, treatment can often be reduced to once per week. Once the ailment has been corrected it is highly recommended that acupuncture be continued on at least a once a month basis as a preventative for future injury and for general well being.

To help reduce the cost of acupuncture we offer package deals and family discounts to help you save money and still get the amount and frequency of treatment you need. Please contact us directly for questions and check out our Prices page for more information.