” My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for three years. We did everything recommended to us yet nothing seemed to work. I was diagnosed with PCOS and knew it was going to be difficult to conceive yet didn’t give up hope. After numerous rounds of Clomid and progesterone drugs, we were referred to an IVF clinic. While sitting in the IVF office I kept seeing advertisements telling me to try acupuncture. After being told that IVF starts at $11,000 and also must be paid upfront, I decided to try acupuncture instead.  I googled acupuncturists in my area and came across Karen’s website. I called and scheduled my first appointment with her. I walked in to her office and instantly loved the smell of essential oils and how calm and relaxing it was. She escorted me back to the room and talked to me about my needs. She is very knowledgeable on the art of acupuncture. After my first treatment I felt euphoric and relaxed. My husband decided to try acupuncture as well to treat numerous things such as high blood pressure, tinnitus, stress, anxiety, and to improve sperm quality. We were both treated for 10 weeks and beyond excited to find out I got pregnant. It was such an amazing feeling. Acupuncture did the trick and we didn’t have to pursue IVF. We are forever grateful for Karen!!”

– Meredith 🌟

I have been terrified of needles my entire life, often getting extreme anxiety before any appointments where I need a shot or I need to give blood.  I have never contemplated doing acupuncture before because of this. The idea of laying down for any period of time with a bunch of needles stuck in me was not my idea of a good time.  However, Karen has made me much more comfortable with the idea of needles.  So much so that now when I have had to get blood drawn, I do not get anxiety of even flinch when the needles goes in.  Karen is very gentle and has the perfect calm personality to do acupuncture.  She keeps me  comfortable and makes sure I am not experiencing any anxiety or discomfort.  I have even nodded off a few times during my thirty minutes before she takes all the needles out!  I no longer feel nervous before appointments with Karen or other appointments where I know needles are involved.  If you are in the same place I was and are scared of needles, don’t be worried.  Karen does great work and hopefully you will have the same experience I have.

 My daughter has a developmental delay, quadriplegia, along with an array recurring symptoms (including low appetite, low weight/ failure to thrive, digestive issues and behavioral concerns) stemming from her main diagnosis of cerebral palsy, which was caused by oxygen deprivation during her birth. She is non-verbal and unable to walk unassisted.

Since beginning treatments at Generations Acupuncture, only 3 short months ago, I have noticed my daughter’s appetite increase greatly, she has gained more weight than she has over the span of a few years. She is now walking with assistance for longer, with a better gait. She is able to go from a laying position, on her back, to a seated position, which is something brand new that we have never seen before.  She is able to sit in a chair with no belt as long as she is supervised for safety. I have commented recently that I would never have left her in a seat with no belt before. She has been more vocal and her ability to concentrate on a single task has increased. I feel like I may be forgetting to mention something, but the bottom line is my daughter has a better quality of life because of her weekly treatments with Karen Moreland.

Karen is gentle, thoughtful, knowledgeable and patient. With her my daughter is at ease during their session. The herbs and tinctures that Karen prepares work very well, without effecting other medicines.

I highly recommend Karen Moreland and Generations Acupuncture for both children and adults.


I was in the hospital after being hit with a virus in my spine. Karen and her skilled acupuncture techniques “woke me up” and allowed me to go home quickly. My acupuncture sessions allowed me to relearn how to walk which I will forever be grateful to Karen for. I am continuing my sessions and always look forward to each one!






I Have been seeing Karen for the last 4 months addressing side effects from Chemo and radiation; digestive issues, as well as avascular necrosis which had been quite painful. I am now without pain and completely back to normal G.I. wise. Would highly recommend Karen.


I developed tennis elbow so painful that just picking up a glass of water hurt. I went to my Dr and he told me that I could take an anti-inflammatory for 5 days and I needed to stretch the arm daily. After 5 days nothing had changed and I decided that I needed another option. I had always been curious about acupuncture and friends had had great results for migraines and weight loss. I made an appointment and was able to see Karen in just a couple of days. While filling out the new patient questionnaire she asked if I had numbness in any part of my body. I had gone to the Dr 2yrs prior due to numbness in my feet. After testing with a neurologist I was told that I had mild numbness and it would have to get worse before they could do anything about the numbness. Karen thought she could help so we worked on both the tennis elbow and numbness in my feet. Just one treatment and I could feel relief in the elbow and I could feel my toes. It has taken a few treatments to fix the elbow completely and to help my feet. I have been very impressed with the results. Karen is knowledgeable and competent and her office is tranquil and efficient. Her prices are very reasonable and I highly recommend her.


I went to Karen a couple of months ogo for cupping treatments with some help with accupuncture.  I had a damp lung which I never really understood as I would clear my throat constantly and in the morning would have to throw up.  It was pretty miserable.  I had this for a number of years and tried everything under the sun. Karen gave me three treatments and gave me a special diet to support her treatments.  It all cleared up and I had the bonus of losing 12 pounds.  I feel so much better.  Karen is very professional and comforting.  I would advise anyone to go to her.  She is terrific.  I feel the best I have ever felt in years.  I could go on and on as to the value of Karen.

“Everything was just amazing. I’m so so glad i decided to do this. It’s the best experience I’ve had for a long time.”


I was in deep pain and I could not sleep more than one hour a day, due to a right shoulder rotator cuff surgery. I used oxycodone prescribed by the surgeon, but I did not want to get used to it. Having previous good experience with acupuncture, I thought that it could help me again, so I visited Generations Acupuncture. In just 3 sessions, Karen removed all pain and I could go back to sleep 8 hours per night. No more pain killer, no more sleeping drug.
Then Karen re-established my energy level and my power of concentration on my every day work is back. Karen worked also to help my diabetes (A1c going down to 6.8), bladder and sciatica issues. Karen is making miracles and reduced many drugs I was taking. Thank you very much.

Karen, thank you so much for helping me with my fibromyalgia my energy is starting to return, my pain is better and I’m sleeping better. When my lower back hurt you immediately made it feel better, when my knee wasn’t working right you fixed that too!
I’m glad to have found you!

My name is Dennis , I am 63 and I injured my back and right arm last year from using a sledge hammer and doing landscaping around my home.I saw several chiropractors but I was getting no relief. I had received acupuncture around 10 years ago for similar back issues resulting in numbness in my right leg and the problem was taken care of. I visited Karen on a Sat. and she started treating me and after several visits my issues were taken care of. Karen is very knowledgeable of acupuncture techniques and treatments, but what impressed me the most was her attitude toward her patients. She is genuinely concerned, kind, considerate and sincere. She treated me like one of her best friends and not just a client. I would highly recommend Karen and acupuncture. No one will treat you better than Karen and acupuncture works, at least it has for me.

I started to see Karen at the end of August for swelling of my hands and feet. My hands and feet had been swollen and sore since about the middle of June, i went to the doctor and had a blood test done and all they could tell me was that my protein levels were too high. They did not offer any suggestions on how to relieve the pain that i was having. After my first visit with Karen my hands and my feet felt better. While they were still swollen and sore but I actually had some relief for the first time in about 2 months.  I am continuing to visit Karen because of the program that she has given me. I have a treatment once a week for now but she is also giving me herbs which are helping with the swelling. I have been seeing her for a month and a half, my feet are no longer sore and i still have some tightness in my hands but each week they get better.