Cupping/Facial Cupping

Cupping for Pain and Muscle Tension/Facial Cupping

Body cupping has been practiced in many different cultures for thousands of years. It works especially well for muscle aches, pains, injury, tension, and any kind of back pain.  There are different techniques that can be used. One technique is called gliding cupping. It works well for back and shoulder pain. Stationary cupping is good for IT band tightness, neck pain, forearm pain, and pain in the calf muscles of the lower leg. It is also very effective in helping to shorten the duration of a cold or flu.

Facial cupping brings circulation and vitality to the face. It can help to lift and reduce fine lines. Clients report this treatment feels great and is relaxing. Pamper yourself today with a refreshing facial cupping treatment.

It is often combined with acupuncture or massage for increased results. Visit our prices page for more information.

We offer 30 minute cupping only sessions, or it can be added onto the end of an acupuncture or massage treatment.

How Does It Work

Body cupping feels similar to getting a massage but the skin and muscles are being pulled up instead of pushed down. Cupping pulls the lactic acid and other toxins in the deeper tissues (like muscle) to the surface of the body where circulation is better. This allows the body to remove the toxins easier and faster.  It also pulls blood and nutrients into the area. This improves and speeds up healing time for people and athletes after workouts or injury.

Cupping photo