Pediatric Acupuncture

Children benefit greatly from Chinese medicine and we love working with them!

Each child is unique. We have multiple ways to work with a child during an acupuncture treatment. The techniques we use are gentle and safe for kids of all ages from one month old to 12 years old.

The main technique used is a Japanese acupuncture technique called Shoni-shin. It uses special tools to brush and tap key acupuncture points on top of the skin. Shoni-shin is very effective for a wide range of health problems. It is relaxing to the nervous system, stimulates the immune system, and releases the body’s natural endorphins. This treatment helps with anxiety, irritability, digestive problems, constipation, frequent colds and flus, developmental delays, insomnia, headaches, bed wetting, asthma, ADD/ADHD, seizures, and many other health issues.

To see all of the ailments we can help your child with, please visit our “Conditions Treated” page.

We don’t use many needles with kids. If they are used they are very small and painless. To see how needles are used with kids, feel free to watch this video of a child and a baby receiving acupuncture by Robin Green, a pediatric acupuncturist in California. She uses more needles with kids than we do, but her technique is similar to ours.

Children do not have to be perfectly still to get an effective treatment. we have worked with many kids of all ages. They have always gotten a positive effect from treatment no matter how much they move around.

Treatment Frequency

It is best for kids to receive regular Shoni-shin treatments. We recommend once per month for a healthy child. It prevents illness, supports energy, and decreases anxiety, tantrums, or other outbursts.

Children who have health issues need treatment more frequently in the beginning. Treatments have a cumulative effect. Each treatment builds on the last one, as long as they are close enough together.

Children’s Herbs

Chinese herbs are very effective with children. We have many premade formulas specifically for them that are safe, gentle, easy to give, and taste good. We can also make custom formulas in our herbal pharmacy. The custom formulas are USDA organic powders, that can be mixed with warm water and juice. These are tailored to the child, and only the safest herbs are used.

As all parents know, when a child is not feeling well or is in need of long term support, it can be very taxing on the parent’s health as well. Our family treatment room allows both parents and children to receive acupuncture together. This not only provides treatment benefits, but it allows for a positive bonding experience between the parent and child.